A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science (2)

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A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science (2) Sfogliare


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'What is evolution? A change of form. To manifest itself, the mind always needs new forms, because form does not change and must be replaced. When we say that time destroys everything, it only concerns forms; over principles time has no power.
The forms are useful, necessary, but after a certain time even a religion must abandon them to welcome new, purer, more elaborate forms. This is why Christendom should not seek to perpetuate forms inherited from a distant past; such an attitude goes against the decrees of Cosmic Intelligence which shatter old forms to make new ones happen. So, may the Church not be surprised to be jostled; whatever she does, her old forms will be broken. Christians must understand that the forms in which their religion was given to them centuries ago have lost their effectiveness and must be replaced, so that the content, the spirit of Christ, can be better expressed.'

1 - Forms and Principles
2 - The Religion of Christ
3 - The Idea of a Pan-World
4 - The Cosmic Body
5 - The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness
6 - The New Jerusalem

  • Dizionario del libro della natura - analogie, immagini, simboli
  • Le basi spirituali della medicina
  • La nuova terra
  • Amore e sessualità
  • La nuova religione solare e universale (II)
  • Verso un mondo nuovo
  • Libro dei Canti della Fratellanza Bianca Universale
  • Le parabole di Gesù interpretate dalla Scienza iniziatica
  • Pensieri Quotidiani 2017
  • Promozione Felicità