Creation: Artistic and Spiritual

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Creation: Artistic and Spiritual Sfogliare


198 pages

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'The laws of true artistic creation are identical with the laws of spiritual creation. The creative work of an artist is exactly the same work of inner regeneration as that undertaken by one who is striving for spiritual perfection. Just as an artist uses paint and canvas, clay or bronze to create a work of art, so a spiritual person uses the raw materials of his or her own being in striving towards inner perfection.'

1 - Art, Science and Religion
2 - The Divine Sources of Inspiration
3 - The Work of the Imagination
4 - Prose and Poetry
5 - The Human Voice
6 - Choral Singing
7 - How to Listen to Music
8 - The Magic Power of a Gesture
9 - Beauty
10 - Idealization as a Means of Creation
11 - A Living Masterpiece
12 - Building the Temple

  • L'armonia
  • Lo Yoga del sole
  • Hrani yoga
  • Che cos'è un Maestro Spirituale
  • Lo Zodiaco, chiave dell'uomo e dell'universo
  • Il Libro della Magia divina
  • Commento all’Apocalisse
  • Pensieri Quotidiani 2017
  • Pensieri Quotidiani 2020