Daily Meditations 2013

Collection Pensieri Quotidiani

Daily Meditations 2013


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30 December 2013
Even at the modest stage you have reached, you can contribute to the good of all humankind. Devote at least a few minutes every day to thinking about how in the future it will just be one big family, whose members all understand and love each other and smile at each other. There are so many good things one can think of for the happiness of the whole world! Think about the whole of humankind going to watch the sun rise and meeting together to dance and sing hymns of joy and gratitude to the Creator…

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  • Hrani yoga
  • Vita e lavoro alla Scuola Divina - II
  • L’educazione inizia prima della nascita
  • Centri e corpi sottili
  • La vita psichica: elementi e strutture
  • La fede che sposta le montagne
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