DVD PAL - Artistic creation – surpassing oneself

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DVD PAL - Artistic creation – surpassing oneself


Video lecture in French – Subtitles in 13 languages - DVD PAL - Lenght: 69’

Non disponibile in Italia

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‘In the future, priority will be given to artists, because the true artist is at once priest, philosopher and scientist. Yes, the role of the artist is to produce on the physical level what the intelligence understands to be true and the heart feels to be good, so that the higher world, the world of the Spirit, can come down to incarnate in matter.’

Subtitles in 13 languages:
Česky / Deutsch / Ελληνικά / English / Español /
Français / Italiano / Magyar / Nederlands / Polski / Português/ Pycckuй / Română

  • Un ideale di vita fraterna
  • Hrani yoga
  • Corale Femminile
  • Regole d'oro per la vita quotidiana
  • Commento all’Apocalisse
  • Alle sorgenti inalterabili della gioia
  • Pensieri quotidiani 2012
  • Pensieri Quotidiani  2016
  • Pensieri Quotidiani 2017