DVD PAL - Thought needs feeling in order to manifest

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DVD PAL - Thought needs feeling in order to manifest


Video lecture in French - Subtitles in 12 languages - DVD PAL - Length: 59' duration 59’

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‘You all have wonderful, divine ideas, I know, but what results have they produced? None? That proves that you still have some work to do to bring your ideas down onto the physical plane. Yes, the important thing is to bring them down into matter, because your ideas will leave you to die of hunger and thirst if you don’t know how to materialize them through action. It is not enough to have ideas; many people have ideas, but they live in such a way that there is never any connection between their ideas and their actions. There must be a link, a bridge, and this intermediary is feeling. Feeling adds flesh to ideas so that they can become a physical reality.’

Subtitles in 12 languages
Български / Češtině / Deutsch / English / Español / French / Italiano / Nederlands / Polski / Português / Русский / Română

  • L'alto ideale
  • Il granello di senape
  • La nuova terra
  • Il dovere di essere felici
  • La libertà vittoria dello Spirito
  • La luce, spirito vivente
  • Nuova luce sui vangeli
  • Il lavoro alchemico ovvero la ricerca della perfezione
  • La fede che sposta le montagne
  • Pensieri quotidiani 2015