Feeding the flame of our spirit - The meaning of sacrifice - DVD PAL

Feeding the flame of our spirit - The meaning of sacrifice - DVD PAL


Video lecture in French – Subtitles in 13 languages - DVD PAL - Lenght: 61' Subtitles: Български / Deutsch / Ελληνικά / English / Español / Italiano / Magyar / Nederlands / Polski / Português/ Pycckuй / Română / Türkçe

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‘You light a candle… Its flame will give you light as long as it is fed by the burning wax… This combustion is a sacrifice without which there is no light… Like the candle, human beings have all the materials they need to feed their inner flame: all the manifestations of their lower nature. By sacrificing them they feed the flame of their spirit.’

1 - Fear is conquered only by light
2 - Think that everything is intelligent in the Univers
3 - "Eat fire and drink light"
4 - The energies of men and women cross

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