Man, Master of his Destiny

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Man, Master of his Destiny Sfogliare


198 pages

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'Why is one born in a particular country and a particular family? Why is one healthy, rich, illustrious and powerful, or on the contrary poor, handicapped and miserable? Even those who think they are entirely free must put up with their fate because of their ignorance of the laws which govern the invisible world. The reply to these questions not only helps the disciple to unravel the tangled threads of his life, it also gives him the tools he must have in order to become master of his own destiny.'

1 - The Law of Cause and Effect
2 - You will Separate the Subtle from the Gross
3 - Evolution and Creation
4 - Two Justices: Human and Divine
5 - The Law of Correspondences
6 - Natural and Moral Law
7 - Nature's Records
8 - Reincarnation

  • La pace uno stato superiore di coscienza
  • I misteri di Iesod
  • Linguaggio simbolico, linguaggio della Natura
  • L'Acquario e l'arrivo dell'Età d'Oro *
  • Vita e lavoro alla Scuola Divina - I
  • I Canti della Fratellanza Bianca Universale
  • L’uomo alla conquista del suo destino
  • Nuova luce sui vangeli
  • La fede che sposta le montagne
  • La Pietra filosofale