The Powers of Thought

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The Powers of Thought Sfogliare


230 pages

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'Every one of our thoughts is pregnant with the power of the spirit which brought it into being, that power is constantly at work. Knowing this, each one of you has the possibility of becoming a benefactor of mankind; by projecting your thoughts into the farthest reaches of space, you can send out messages of light to help, comfort, enlighten and heal others. He who undertakes this work knowingly and deliberately, gradually penetrates into the mysterious arcana of divine creation.'

1 - The Reality of Spiritual Work
2 - Thinking the Future
3 - Psychic Pollution
4 - Thoughts are Living Beings
5 - How Thought Produces Material Results
6 - Striking a Balance between Matter and Spirit
7 - The Strength of the Spirit
8 - Rules for Spiritual Work
9 - Thoughts as Weapons
10 - The Power of Concentration
11 - Meditation
12 - Creative Prayer
13 - Reaching for the Unattainable

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  • L’alchimia spirituale
  • Le Leggi della Morale Cosmica
  • Profeta per i nostri tempi
  • La galvanoplastica spirituale e l'avvenire dell'umanità
  • Centri e corpi sottili
  • Regole d'oro per la vita quotidiana
  • Pensieri Quotidiani 2019
  • La nuova religione solare e universale
  • Arcangelo San Michele